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Dear Customer,

You are our loyal Customer and your support is our motivation. To thank you for your continuous support,we have prepared 4 Site Wide Coupons for you. Meanwhile we have a limited-time promotion for 24 Hours on products we listed below. We hope you will find your favorites. Thank you for your continuous support on Tmart.

Coupon Code 1: CY20 ($3 Off $20 or More)
Coupon Code 2: CY30 ($5 Off $30 or More)
Coupon Code 3: CY50 ($9 Off $50 or More)
Coupon Code 4: CY100 ($22 Off $100 or More)
Valid: Only on Dec. 1st, 2014 (EST), 50 for Each Coupon Code
Tmart.com Marketing Team

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